What am I really looking for?

Lately I often sit alone roof of the house, with a cup of coffee and cigarettes. sometimes I think why my life is like this, I often feel empty and confused. I have a job and my income is not big enough but I think it’s enough for my life now. As I sipped my coffee, I told myself “is life just like this?” work, eat, drink, laugh, alone, find a girl and get married. I just feel very bored today, I don’t care about what will happen tomorrow, I just focus on living what is right now. woman? I really have forgotten how to date, I don’t really think about women right now, I don’t know what happened to me, I think I still haven’t found what I’m really looking for until now. do you think I’m stressed? no !, I’m still fine. in my opinion life is indeed like black and white, there are things that are always contradictory and opposites, as well as water and fire. I always pray and hope to find what I am really looking for soon and I also hope that for you who like me find it soon too.


― tatsat, The Absolute

True Happiness

I no longer know how many sins have been recorded in the book of angels, maybe day by day the record is increasing. But is this just my feeling, or maybe it really does exist. Do you all feel the same way?, the older we get, the more things about life we ​​realize?.

Do you agree?.


When I was little, I always dreamed that when I grew up I could have everything I wanted, have a luxurious life and fill my days with fun things. Now, i’m 24 years old, and I realize that’s not what I want. Tt turns out that happiness is not just price and has everything, happiness in my opinion is when we can be grateful for what we can, what we have, what we give and all the good things we do for ourselves and for others. Now it is time for me to be grateful with all that is in my life, always do good, always be grateful and be a useful person for this world and life.




— Alif Satria —

Me & Corona Virus

At first I thought this virus was just an ordinary disease that could be cured in a short time, but over time it turned out that this virus spread quickly to various countries in the world, even now it has reached my country Indonesia. it’s all about being grateful and sharing with others. I am aware that a virus (disease) or disaster can strike anyone, anywhere and anytime. there is one thing that makes me happy and touched, namely humanity between people, all countries help each other to solve the corona virus problem.

Image From: http://www.harnas.co/

Peace is a very beautiful thing, I think this is how humans should live, living with mutual help and sharing. now I realize that the song of the late john lennon whose title is “imagine”, in the end everyone will realize and believe that peace will come to us by helping and caring for each other. I hope and pray this disaster is over quickly and the universe can soon recover. I also pray for all those whose economies are disturbed because of this virus to always pray and do their best for themselves and others. deepest prayer for all.




— John Lennon —

College ?

So? is it true that college is not useful, it is just a waste of our time and is not profitable. After college we will also look for work, it’s better to work from now on, it’s the same. Some people might think like that, but not for me. Don’t be stupid, education is the only key to opening this world, education will give us freedom to be able to continue to grow. I’m sure if we go in search of knowledge, God will provide the best path for it. Don’t let people say that we can’t do anything, I dream, you dream, we all dream about something we want and make it happen. We just have to continue to be strong and confident for it. wise people learn when they can, fools learn when they are forced.

Unsplash/Scott Webb

Be thankful when we can go to college and seek knowledge, because many people do not have the opportunity like us. Do not assume that people who do not go to college then they does not have knowledge, because maybe they seek knowledge in other ways. And don’t assume that college people are doing useless activities, because they seek knowledge using that way. Respect each way of life chosen by someone, because we will never know how someone will live his life, because everyone has their own ways and steps. All this is not about college or not, but all this is about how we continue to study and seek knowledge to achieve everything we hope and dream of. I am not a motivator and I am also not entitled to it, but I just share about the problem and write what is there in my mind.


” Where there is hope, I am sure that dream will come true “


We Will Grow Old Soon

When we get older, we will always imagine when we were young like now who is full of enthusiasm and optimism. when the face is wrinkled, the body is bent, then the feeling of distrust down now we are old.

Image Source: https://alk3r.wordpress.com/2016/04/13/black-white-portraits-of-old-men/

I am sure that day will come, and I will not worry about it because it is a cycle that must be faced, we will definitely be old, weak and powerless, hard to move far, start slowly and forgetful, farsighted eyeballs, but there is one what’s not going to change is a strong young soul, I think we just need to wait for that time to come. The point is I realize that when I was young like now, I had to do good things that were useful for myself and others.


“I Live In That Solitude Which Is Painful In Youth, But Delicious In The Years Of Maturity.”




Now here’s a man who understands women …

I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men. They are far superior and always been. Whatever you give a women, she will make greater. If you give her sperm, she will give you a baby. If you give her a house, she will give you a home. If you give her groceries, she will give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she will give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit!


“All Women May Not Be Beautiful But Every Woman Can Look Beautiful.”


You Don’t Know Anything

I used to smile calmly, even though my heart was actually crying. You are a new story in my life, you are a story that is written with certainty in my mind, and you are very interesting. You have to hug me for a while, we will let this feeling merge and melt. I will leave all this as it should be, that you will never be mine. I will try to forget all of this, I will also trying to leave it. I’m sure I will feel peace and you will leave soon. Among millions, you are still and you are always shine brightly. I hope someday this story will get a piece of the story that is missing, and if not, i hope you get a beautiful story after that. Maybe you don’t understand about this right now, but I’m sure you will understand soon.


“You Don’t Know Anything Until The Time Comes Later”

– Alif Satria –